Compassion Is Our Purpose

At Compassionate Hands & Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach, we are a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to making a difference
in the lives of breast cancer patients in Central Florida. 

Our organization is made up of cancer survivors, and those who’ve been affected through family or friends. We understand the journey firsthand and how it affects our lives and the lives of loved ones. We want to be there for you, physically, mentally and emotionally. Through donations from our generous supporters and the giving nature of our volunteers, Compassionate Hands and Hearts is able to play a vital role in helping patients’ journey to recovery - whether that be by lending a helping hand with household chores, arranging transportation assistance, providing financial assistance or simply being there to listen. 

Since 2007, we’ve helped more than 300 patients financially and provided information, resources and countless educational services throughout Central Florida. And today, we are here for you. We are thinking of you right now. And we’re ready to extend our compassionate hands and hearts to help you along your journey.

Vanessa Echols | Founder

Our Journey

Meet Vanessa Echols — breast cancer survivor and founder of Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach. 

When Vanessa was diagnosed with Stage Two breast cancer in 2004, it was in that moment that she knew God had a purpose in allowing cancer to be a part of her life’s journey. She soon realized the importance of awareness and education, and shared her story with WFTV Channel 9 viewers throughout Central Florida who’d been watching her anchor the news over the years. 

With countless doctors visits, medical tests, chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries, the long journey was both emotionally and physically draining for Vanessa, her family and friends. It was her faith and support from her loved ones that brought her through the fight. And it was conquering that fight that inspired her to help others walking the same path. 

Vanessa’s story of bravery, strength and passion opened doors to spread the message at community events and created opportunities to get involved with local efforts to fight cancer, inspiring people across Central Florida. However, Vanessa felt her calling was for something much greater… and that was Compassionate Hands and Hearts. 

Together with inspiring cancer survivors, compassionate supporters and giving individuals, Vanessa fights everyday to have a positive impact in the lives of breast cancer patients and their families.

Get Involved


Compassionate Hands and Hearts is always looking for dedicated, committed and passionate individuals to help us with our mission. If you’re willing to make a long term commitment to Compassionate Hands and Hearts and make giving back a priority in your life, we want you.